Google Nest Secure Alarm Starter Kit

$ 399
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A whole new kind of security.

Most security systems are designed around intruders. But you’re not an intruder. Nest Secure is easy to live with. And it’s only tough when you need it to be.

Easy ways to arm and disarm.

You can arm and disarm with the Nest app from anywhere. Tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard as you come and go. Or just ask your Google Assistant to arm for you. You can also enter a passcode on Nest Guard’s keypad. (But only if you like passcodes.)

What's Included

Nest Guard x1

Alarm, keypad, and motion sensor with Google Assistant built in.

Nest Detect x2

The sensor that looks out for doors, windows and rooms.

Nest Tag x2

The easiest way to arm and disarm. Without a passcode.

Nest app

Know what’s happening at home from anywhere.

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