Airthings Wave

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Comes with free app, battery operated, no lab fees, easy to use.


Airthings Wave is a smart radon detector that works with or without a smartphone. Simply wave in front of the detector to get a visual indication of your radon levels. 

Radon is one of the most important components in our indoor air quality. With Wave, we wanted to bring you a device that would fit in your home and which could be used by everyone. To improve accuracy, temperature and humidity sensors are built right in.

For the first time you will be able to see radon levels in the dark. Simply gesture in front of the device to get a visual indication of your radon levels.

The importance of a long battery life, coupled with the requirement for an easy-to-set-up connection, made us go for a low-energy Bluetooth solution.

The app can display radon levels in both metric and US units.

The Wave is easy to attach to the wall or ceiling. Using standard AA batteries ensures that there is no complicated wiring. A single screw attaches the base to the wall, and magnets keep the device connected to the base.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does the unit store the readings or does the app? If I uninstall the app will I lose the data?

Data are stored in the unit. If you uninstall the app, you wont lose any data. The only way to erase data is to unpair the device from your Airthings account.


Q. Has anyone verified how accurate this is?

Our experience with the Wave shows that the values may fluctuate significantly the first few days, but tend to settle after a few weeks - usually after one month we see that it’s somehow possible to draw a pattern. For an example: if the Wave is installed in a normal household, one might see that the values tend to go up during the day, when the parents are at work, the kids at school, and the windows are closed. Then Radon values tend to drop when the family goes back home, as they tend to walk in and out of the room, open the windows, turn on the AC. This behaviour makes Radon fluctuates in the short term, but then after one month the monitor starts gathering enough data to smooth out the long-term average.


Q. Is there a monthly fee for the service?

No. The app comes with the device for free, and there is no additional, hidden fees to using this device.


Q. How does this connect to the app? Does it connect to my WiFi access point? Does it act as an access point? Or does it connect via Bluetooth?

It connects with Bluetooth, but it uploads data to your phone also in the background. As long as you are in within range (up to 60 feet away and over 2 floors) with your phone and the App runs in the background, it will upload data. Radon exposure is dangerous over longer periods of time, so it's not needed to have remote real time readings. However, if you install the App on any tablet or device that usually is within range, you will get real time data to your phone via the cloud.


Q. What type of batteries does this use?

Standard AA batteries. It comes with AA Lithium, but you can use Alkaline batteries as well.


Q. Can I pair 2 monitors? And view both in the app?

Yes, you can pair many devices and see them all in one App. It's easy to switch between devices and compare graphs.


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