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We give 1% of our total sales to trusted non-profit partners whose mission is to preserve our natural environment and the resources that sustain our health.

Meet 1% For The Planet

1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to address the most pressing issues facing our planet. Started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, its members have given more than $150 million to environmental nonprofits to date. Its founders - successful entrepreneurs who grew thriving businesses - understood that they were not alone in being committed to protecting the environment and giving back to our global community.

Today, 1% for the Planet is a network of more than 1,200 member businesses, numerous individuals, and thousands of nonprofit partners in more than 40 countries. Its headquarters are located in Burlington, VT. They also have a chapter office in France and strong representation in Japan, Australia, and western Europe.

Three aspects about our planet that have changed how we think...


36 million years of healthy life are lost every single year because of air pollution. Every 13 seconds someone dies from air pollution making it the world’s 4th most lethal killer. Every day you inhale extremely small toxic particles that can cause asthma, lung cancer, and heart problems. Some of them are so small they can move into the blood stream.


The daily use of freshwater per person is 3,400 liters (global average). As you read this, water is used all over the world to provide you with the food, clothing, electronics etc. you will buy in the time to come. At the same time, every year 3,575,000 people die from water related diseases. This is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every hour. Most of these people are children (2.2 million). Today, 884 million people lack access to safe drinking water. At any given time, half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from a water-related disease.


The food wasted by the United States and Europe alone could feed the world 3 times over. In the United States, food waste accounts for 25 percent of the country's water use. It requires at least 15,500 liters of water to produce 1 kilo of beef. In total, meat production demands more than 2,000 trillion tons of water every year (that's 63 million liters a second!). Surprisingly, the burps and farts by cattle and other livestock animals account for 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. That's more than the total emissions from the transport sector.

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

Your Action Our Action

We believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air and consume safe food and water that is free from chemicals and toxins. Recognizing the power of collective action to protect the environment, we have decided to put 1% of your order towards non-profit work that helps save the planet and preserve the resources that sustain our health – how about we contribute together?

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