Why is Nest Revolutionizing the Smart Home Industry?

Nest reinvents things. They take the unloved things in your home and make them simple, beautiful and thoughtful.

Nest Helps Save Energy

    Your thermostat controls up to half of your home’s energy bill – that’s an average of $1,100 per year. The Nest Learning Thermostat makes saving energy and staying comfortable effortless. It can automatically lower your heating and cooling bills up to 20%. It learns your schedule, programs itself and can be controlled from your phone.

    Know more, worry less

    In an emergency, a loud beep only says that there’s a problem. Somewhere. Nest Protect is designed to give you more information. It will speak up to tell you there’s smoke or carbon monoxide and tell you where the trouble is.

    Connect Nest Protect to Wi-Fi and it can even message your phone when something goes wrong. You’ll get an alert if the alarm sounds, the batteries start to run low or a sensor isn’t working.

    Works with Nest

    For years, people have been talking about home automation. There are universal remotes, digital wall panels and apps that let you control the devices in your home. But ‘Works with Nest’ is more than just an on/off switch. It’s about making your house a more thoughtful home.

    ‘Works with Nest’ makes it possible for your Nest devices to securely interact with the things you already use every day, both inside and outside of your home. Because when we connect these different parts of your life, we can work behind the scenes to deliver personalized comfort, safety and energy savings. Effortlessly. 


    Images and Content Credit: Nest

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