Refresh Smart Home is proud to be the first company to automate indoor air quality by integrating these three best-in-class products to automate and clean the air in your home providing you and your family peace of mind knowing that you are breathing the cleanest air possible.

This system takes advantage of the air distribution network already present in your home. With the average HVAC system moving 1,200 cubic feet of air per minute there is no better way to improve the air quality in your home then putting a premium-class filter like the Perfect 16 on your central air system.  



The Foobot Wi-Fi Air Quality Monitor houses advanced sensors to measure the level of particulate matter, carbon dioxide and VOC's (volatile organic compounds) in your air. The Foobot allows you to view on your phone real time data as well as past pollution events. The Foobot takes the important first leg by communicating with your Nest Thermostat to activate the fan when pollution levels pass a certain threshold that you can set manually.



The Nest Learning Thermostat receives a bad air quality signal from the Foobot and activates the fan on your HVAC system to boost airflow and direct stale and polluted air through your return ducts and whole house filter system so that clean purified air comes out of the supply vents.  It also saves you energy and pays for itself to boot.



The Swiss-made IQAir Perfect 16 whole-house air purifier plays the role of anchor in helping to deliver the cleanest air possible throughout your home. It is seamlessly retrofitted into your home's existing heating and/or air conditioning (HVAC) system. 

The air passes through four high-performance air filters arranged in a "double-V" configuration with more than 170 square feet of filter media. This allows the Perfect 16 to deliver up to 50 times more filtration power than ordinary filtration systems.

Clean air is passed through your HVAC system and delivered back into your home via the supply ductwork and diffusers located in each room.

PRICING includes all three products

$3,000 plus tax for a 3-ton HVAC system (retail installed price: $3,343)

$3,500 plus tax for a 5-ton HVAC system (retail installed price: $3,843) 

Please email or call 914-670-8080 to take advantage of this package deal.