2017 Nest's Latest Software Update Bug (Error Code N72)

For those whose Nest Learning Thermostat shows the error code "N72: No power to Rh wire" (on 3rd Generation) or "N22: No power to Rh wire" (on 2nd Generation) after the latest software update but the system is still working, Nest has confirmed that it is merely a bug of the latest update release. Until Nest ships out its next update with the bug fix, we will have to simply ignore the error.

If anyone is facing the error code and the system is really not working properly, please refer to the Nest Error Code Troubleshooting Guide or Nest Thermostat Compatibility Guide, or should anyone need further assistance with installing nest thermostat or troubleshooting error codes, please contact Refresh Smart Home's Pro Install Service.

For a quick video guide on how to install a Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen), check out the video below:



This is it for the latest update news on Nest Learning Thermostat. Leave your comments below if you want to share your thoughts about the Nest's recent update.

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I still have the N72 error message. My unit does not have a wire for charging the Nest. I use minimal heat and air. I have a well insulated home. I keep having to pull it off the wall daily to charge it because it is saying it is offline

Candece Webster October 25, 2017

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